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Harold B Canning             Tom is a versatile and innovative designer.     
                        He has been of immeasurable help on numerous projects. 
                        We always will consult with him first!”
                                                                      — Harold B Canning — July 26, 2011
Kimberly Harman         “Tom has been a wonderful mentor to me. He's a great designer,
                       and an honorable person. I highly recommend him for any project!!”
                                                                       — Kimberly Harman on Aug 17, 2011

Richard and Melissa Mannino
46573 Morris Road, Hammond,  LA 70401

To Whom it May Concern,

          Melissa and I remodeled and added onto our home in 2005-2006. The remodeling was very extensive. Walls moved and square footage added. The kitchen was totally gutted and one entire wall was opened up to the living room. This created MAJOR challenges in the design of the kitchen.

          Where do we put a bigger stove, add a 2nd sink, increase cabinet space, increase counter space and add a 2nd 48” refrigerator with just a minimal increase in square footage?

          Our architect drew some ideas for the design, but it seemed as if no one was listening to what we wanted. After many attempts we were completely frustrated. Then I suggested we go to Tom Clarke.

          It is totally unbelievable the difference. Not only did Tom listen but he would actually work on the design WHILE we were there. He would show us 3D drawings and let us see what it would look like from different angles.

          Tom met every challenge we threw at him (Even the completely hidden hood). 

          In the end we got everything we wanted and more (including the bathroom design that was almost as challenging).

          Tom is an absolute pleasure to work with.

          Melissa and I cannot adequately express how much we recommend Tom Clarke as the man you want to have design your kitchen or bathrooms.

 Richard & Melissa Mannino